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Is there a way to incorporate the App Lab from as part of the lessons in this Unit?

yes, this is a unit of curriculum that uses App Lab. Can you tell us more about you context and how we can help?

I was looking for additional exercises for when students finish early. I have a number of students who have programmed before. I wasn’t sure if I could somehow link the exercises from the site that has App Lab to the exercises in Unit 3?

I’m not entirely sure I understand, but there are other programming exercises to do.

There are more programming exercises in the course, but you might not want to go there since you’ll have the same problem later on.

You might point them to the app lab home page:
Where there are some examples and challenges they work from by example.

Does that work?

CSP Team

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Yes. That is what I was looking for. Thank you. Do you think it is better to have them move to the next level first and then if they finish they can move to the challenges?

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