Remix of example apps

My question how can I see Remix versions of the example apps in say, Unit 1 Lessons 6 & 7, or in Unit 5 Lesson 11 Level 3? I don’t see a way to do that and I’d like to use these for who are interested in making their Apps from Unit 4 more functional.

Hi @koliner !

I didn’t know the answer to this initially… I looked into this and it doesn’t look like you’re able to remix some of those example apps. However, I wonder if these resources offer some nice alternatives:

  • There are some projects on this App Lab Overview page that are remixable, along with videos. Maybe this is a good starting place?
  • This Hour of Code tutorial on App Lab could give students more ideas of how to extend their apps
  • There’s a longer self-paced course on App Lab that students may be interested in investigating, especially as inspiration for other types of apps

Hope this helps!
Dan - Curriculum Writer

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