Where can students make more complex figures?


Under the Extended Learning in U3 Lesson 5 it says that students can keep going and make more complex figures. My students would enjoy that but where do they go to do that? Is there a blank App Lab for Lesson 5? I went to Projects and saw the App Lab there but there are so many things that have not yet been covered until I think my students would be confused.


If they click on the Remix button on the top left corner, they will be taken to the full version of AppLab (with all commands available). They can do any extension there. Their project gets saved in AppLab outside of the Code Studio environment. In order for you to grade it, they will have to share the project url with you. The project url can be obtained by clicking on the Share button at the top.


Thank you for your reply. I was looking for one without all the commands available but we can use that one.