App Lab in UNIT 3

Is there a place where kids can save the app they are working on during the lessons so they can work on it in the app lab itself without being in the lesson? I am thinking of the backpack in APCSA

The remix button on the top left provides this option. It creates a copy on App Lab outside of the lesson.

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Thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to respond!

Several students worked on APP in unit 3, lesson 4. They are frantically emailing me that it did not save. Do you know why this is happening?

I would double check that they were not working on a remixed version of the project (perhaps sent from a partner?) if so, then they should be able to find their work in their App Lab projects tab. (Click their name → My Projects, then scroll down)

If they truly have no history of the work I would contact and specify the level as well as the student IDs to see if they have any history of the assignment.

Thank you! I appreciate it.

We figured it out! Students have to click on their name on the upper right corner, select “My Project” . From there, students can scroll to the bottom of the screen to select the correct version of their project that has all their work.

Some weird glitches this year:

  1. Unit 3 Lesson 6 level 6…the image of the sky does not seem to load. Maybe it’s a bad URL?
  2. Unit 3 Lesson 7 level 5a…cow image doesn’t load.
  3. Unit 3 Lesson 7 level 5c…calm image doesn’t load.

Is this something on my end of faulty images?

I am seeing these issues as well. I’ve passed them along to a curriculum team, but would encourage you to also send a support ticket to so that it gets addressed by an engineer.