Students Sharing Code


My students are working on the Design a Scene PT. I have a few students who have decided to “share” their code with their partners during the individual stage. For example, the person responsible for the background shared his code so the others knew how to “place” their objects. I believe they shared the code in a text document and cut & pasted into each individual person’s code. Does this violate the rules? Will they miss the issues that might arise when all the code is shared?



That is exactly how I had my teams share code. Every team member pasted their clearly commented code in a single shared Google doc. Then, the entire code was copied and pasted into AppLab by each student. Each student is accountable for the code running in their account. The main issue they run into is that the order matters. I let them discover that. They also have to decide what to do if someone on the team is not able to deliver their part.

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When my students try to share their code using the share process outlined in U3L10.3, they get a generic link which only opens the work of the student signed into Am I missing something or is there a setting I can change ?

Interestingly, when students text their links using the “Send to Phone” option, the unique link to their work appears.


Whoa. That is probably a bug. Thanks for the catch. Running it up the chain.

The quick workaround is to remix first, then share from freeplay app lab.




Thanks for sharing a quick workaround, Baker. I was struggling with my students last period on this issue. Your workaround worked for now. Will there be an update on when it gets fixed?


Thanks all for reporting this issue to our team right away. The fix is being deployed as I type, and should be live within the next hour!

Technical details for the curious

I broke this feature yesterday in release v2017-12-12.0 with this change: Web Lab: Environment-sensitive share URLs. I failed to take sharing from script levels into account in that change.

When the problem was reported today, we reverted the change, which is the fix going out in release v2017-12-13.0 right now.

I’ve also proposed this new change that reintroduces the Web Lab sharing fix, but does not break sharing from script levels and introduces lots of new test coverage for both sharing modes, so it won’t happen again.