Pair Programming--how to share code

I have had students choose partners for pair programming but how do they share code or work together now that it they are paired? They are starting Unit 3 Lesson 10 and need to see and share code.

If you look in the lesson plan, under “tab 3” there is a good description of how students can share their code - check that out for a few ideas!

Most my students followed the directions on’s “student-facing” tab 3 - others used a common google doc to copy and paste code at the very end.

App Lab is NOT like google docs. I think my students are SO used to google docs that they want App Lab sharing to be like google docs, but it just doesn’t work that way. My understanding is that the engineering to do something like that is more difficult than it seems.

Happy coding!

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When students hit submit, where do I go to see their finished product? Are they only submitting the code or can I run it also?

Thank you

Hi @lbarish,

You should be able to see their work through the usual teacher dashboard (by clicking on the section, then it should display a list of students in that section, along with their progress in each level).

From what I understand, you should be able to also run the code… I would think at the very least from the “primary” partner’s account.

The end of this blog post touches on how pair programming progress is displayed on a teacher dashboard:


I was going through the dashboard like usual, however, the correct lesson wasn’t showing up, but now it’s ok

Thank you