Paired Programming - shared code?

My students are working in pairs on Unit 6 Lesson 16. However, the paired programming option does not let them see each other’s work. Is that how it should be working? I am asking them to remix share their link when they are ready to hand off to their partner. Wish there was a better way for 2 students to work on the same project.

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Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. I ask my students to modularize their code (make functions) so that other people can just call their functions when needed. This would require a lot of planning. I also have them share their code via Google docs.


Guess you just confirmed my approach. Thank you @bhatnagars

I’m having the same problem. The pair programming option doesn’t allow them to view their partner’s work… I’m not sure what it’s doing at all! @mmathews @bhatnagars did you ever find another option beyond shared Google docs?

Unfortunately, paired programming does not actually share the content they create. It does track the progress of both partners using the green bubbles but does not transfer the content. The whole idea behind paired programming is to allow students to work together as they build understanding of concepts then work more independently on the levels that build their final projects.


Yes, this part is very confusing. What is the point really? So do they make their own screens and then import their screens to one student who collects them all and has the final product?

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That is how it’s written. I found this very cumbersome and have had them since then just work individually. I get how that’s probably how some web develpment goes - in teams - but…

@mtucker2 This has been requested as a feature before on the forum (giving students the ability to work on a single project as the same time). I don’t know what the engineering limitations are, but if you would benefit from it, don’t hesitate to send your request to as they track requests and prioritize based on the requests they receive. It could be a feature in future years.