Pairs collaborating on single game

If student pairs are collaborating on a single game for Unit 3, Lesson 22, how do they share the same code files? Sorry if I missed this a reference to this in the curriculum materials.

I know there is a remix option, but I wonder if there is something more efficient that allows both users to be inside the same code at the same time?

How have you managed pair coding on a single project?

I found a support document here, but even after following these directions we are not getting the option to work together. What am I missing?! :thinking:

Hi @fhtoosi,

My understanding is you can’t have two students working on their own machines at the same time; rather, they can work on one computer and it’ll sync to the second student’s account after a certain amount of time. Somebody please correct me if this isn’t the case.

–Michael K.

Just to add a little to @mkmietowicz ‘s reply… If students’ pair program on Code then their accounts do sync, but the content doesn’t transfer to the second user’s profile. It tracks their progress using the green bubbles at the top. Most people use pair programming for levels that build understanding and have students work independently on the levels where they are building their final projects. I hope this helps. I think so many people are used to using Google tools that pair in real time. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.