Paired Programming - Incomplete


My students often start programming in pairs in class, but need to finish the programming at home on their own. However, they are telling me they are unable to complete the tasks independently. Furthermore, since they are paired, if one student does the tasks at home, the other student gets credit (which I don’t want to have happen). Is this accurate?


Hi @dmaletta,

I haven’t used this feature much, but the way your students describe what’s happening doesn’t match the description of how the tool works according to’s support documents:

According to the tool description, I would make sure students log out of their accounts before going home, which should exit them from pair programming.

If you believe the tool is not working as described, I suggest posting back here or emailing



I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with pair programming, but I have had a few students say their bubbles are not filled in after pairing or they cannot see the results from the pairing.
Any thoughts?



I haven’t had any problems with that. The bubbles are filled for my kids.


Maybe it is because when we put one Chromebook away (close the lid), it logs them out of I’ll change that practice and see if it helps.


Want to ask is there a way for me to see a answer key so I can help my students out?.


Yes! You can view an “example solution” when you are in the teacher view for each programming task. J