Pair Programming Doesnt Activate

I enabled sharing for all students and they can add a student to pair programming but neither student sees any activity on bubbles or App Lab project that was shared (only what they created). I can see they created a bunch of individual projects but they can not.

What am I missing?


Pair programming on, in its current state, is designed to be used by students sharing one device and working together on one device, and is primarily designed for use in K-5 courses (not within AppLab or CS Principles). We also don’t support live collaboration between students (and/or between teachers) on one single project or puzzle, but are working on such updates. Paired partners won’t be able to see the “driver” student’s work until after they finish a given puzzle. If you’re a student working on one computer (entering code yourself), and you’re paired with a student working on another computer, the paired person won’t see your code written in real-time. You’ll need to finish the level yourself, and then your paired partner can go back and look to see what code you’ve written.

If you want two students (or teacher and a student) to be working on one project, and for them to use pair programming, they will need to make sure they are signing into the site at completely separate times (without overlapping), or the person who signs in after the first person will not be able to see the updates made by the first person. Our apologies for any inconvenience on this, and we appreciate the feedback!

My district is 100%, is there any updates to this that will allow for pair programming remotely?

Hi and welcome! Hopefully, someone from the team can drop in and answer your question about updates, but in the meantime, here’s what I’m planning/doing (we are also 100% online).

For the sections where I want kids to pair program (or otherwise work collaboratively), they are required to be in a breakout room (I’m doing this through google meets, I set up the codes ahead of time and share/assign to student pairs). One student “presents” their screen (and types) while the other is the “driver”. I try to rotate through the rooms to check on progress/collaboration and address any questions.