Adafruit Help on using with partners

So I am new to this and it is so confusing. It says to put the students as pairs, but there is only 1 circuit board for two students. The problem is, they can only be on one computer with the circuit board. So, how are the students supposed to share a circuit board and learn to do the code on their own?

Please let me know how you are using these in a class to complete the lessons.

The Circuit Playgrounds present an excellent opportunity for students to work together to create their final products. Students are asked to work with one another with pair programming throughout the units leading up to unit 6. Students are adept at working with one another and still learning the content. This may be a great place to utilize the pair programming model. I’m wondering what others are doing here.

So they are on one computer to work together.

I do have students work on one computer together for most of this unit. It works out well. For the most part, I let them choose their partner to work with as well.