Pair programming

Does anyone have a getting started tutorial on pair programming? I found this but it’s really elementary, and YouTube is full of this. I’m looking for a step-by-step for students. The curriculum guide links to the video and similar vague explanation in text. I’m looking for a STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO GUIDE FOR STUDENTS TO SET-UP PAIR PROGRAMMING. THANK YOU!!!

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Hi @proveka,

I haven’t found a video walkthrough but this support article lays out how pair programming works in Code Studio. There’s screenshots to show you how to go through the process step by step.

Hope that helps,
–Michael K.

Thank you! I’m building a student-friendly (middle school) version with info from various sources. Hopefully others can use THIS it’s under construction


Very cool! Thank you for sharing this!

@proveka Thank you for making the document. In your screen capture images, I see your students are designated as Driver and Navigator but when my students do this they are simply listed as “Partner” and they can’t work on any code or see each others work (therefore they don’t have a real option to work together). I don’t know why-- I have enabled pair editing.

At this point I’ll need to ask them to share their code in Google docs unless I can figure out why it’s not working for us.

Hi @fhtoosi,

If you follow the steps in this support article, that should get them on the right track. Please reach out to if that doesn’t work so they can figure out how to make things right for your class.

–Michael K.