Pair Programming Unit 2

I am trying to use the pair programming, but when I turn it on they cannot see each other’s code and cannot work together. I assume I am doing something wrong, but does anyone have tips or a tutorial?

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Hi @heather.landberg,

Here is the screenshot from the from the article that outlines how to set up pair programming. Are they seeing the yellow box?

If you feel like you are following all the steps and still not seeing the yellow box, you can contact support but hopefully the article will clear up any questions.
Good luck!


If your question was about why they can’t see changes as they are being made, this may help.

Pair programming is designed for two students to be working on one computer. It doesn’t work like a shared document where the other person can see what’s being done as they do it.

They pair, then work on one computer and when the student that was paired with goes back to their account, they will see the link to see what they did with their partner. They won’t see changes live.

Does that help?