Unit 3 Project - App Lab?

I have a question about the project the student work on in Unit 3. I see the project is spread out over several lessons, but should they be building the project in the APP lab?

I would say no because you can look at their progress if they build it in the lesson. The lesson environment is essentially App Lab with some features removed that have not been introduced yet.

Hi Anthony,

Students will be using the ‘app lab’ suite to crate the project, but should do so in the levels provided. Each level gives students access to the tools that they need for that portion of the project, but not any others. This will help you give them feedback and maintain their pacing. Once they click “finish” on a level it will propagate that material to the next project level so they will continue to work on the same material rather than having to start over from scratch.

Ok so I have a few students that did it in the App lab and when the try the import screens they say they cannot see the other persons code. Is there a way around this? I have enabled pair programming but, but they still can see the other persons code

Hi Anthony,

So pair programming doesn’t actually enable students to work on code from their own accounts in tandem and has no effect on this project. For the students to import one another’s screens they need to follow the steps in the day’s slide deck.


  1. S1 should click the “share” button on their code and get a URL for their partner.
  2. S1 sends that link to the partner (email, text, etc)
  3. S2 goes to the “import” drop down option in the screens drop down, and Padres in the URL.
  4. S2 chooses which screen to import.

Two important notes:

  • if they have not used unique ID names, the import won’t work because it won’t want to override the content of the existing project.
  • this imports at the moment, but does not automatically update. If S1 changes things S2 will need to reimport that screen.

There is not a way to share code via the import screens drop down. I would have students simply copy/paste their code in to an email (from text mode) and send it to their partner.

Good luck!