Can multiple students edit code in app lab

Can multiple student edit the same code / project in app lab? I have teams of students that want to work on the same code, for example they might each make a function in the code. Is this possible?
We are in CS Discoveries Unit 4.

Hi Cathy,

One way to make this happen would be to project the code from one computer and have the students in the group take turns being navigators and driver.
Another way is to have the students share the link to the project. Each student could remix and work on the code. They would need to input the code on one account for a particular screen.
Hopefully others will share ideas if they were successful in doing this. I have had students work on 1 computer while developing their project and my students really liked it.

Thanks, those are some things I can try. Not quite what I was hoping for, but my students can adapt!

My students often pair program on projects in App Lab. When possible, they split the code up into parts and then share the code with each other using share and remix as @karenma suggested. However you choose, the cool part about it is that they are doing exactly what the standard " 2-AP-13 Decompose problems and subproblems into parts to facilitate the design, implementation, and review of programs." states. When you look into this standard, it states “Decomposition also enables different students to work on different parts at the same time.”

Also, I know you stated your students may want to work on functions but I want to be sure you are aware they can import each others screens and assets: