2 Users Sharing The Same Program to CODE

Obviously, Applab doesn’t have the sharing features like a Google Doc where 2 users can edit in real time one DOC. Does anyone want to share any workarounds they have used for 2 partners to code in the same “space?” Obviously, the comments within the code would be different when the users go to print and submit their code based upon who wrote which sections of code.

Essentially, we are frustrated in not being able to share 1 program between 2 between.

Any thoughts?

Pair Programming is not designed for what we need.

Thanks in advance

At this point the only way we can share code is though the AppLab Share/Remix feature.

Have they tried the Pilot/Navigator approach?

You can also import design mode screens and assets from another app.
Documentation here: https://code.org/applab/docs/import

Thanks. Some are using the share/remix appraoch but we were hoping for something better. Thanks

Since we are 1 to 1, the Pilot/Navigator is not ideal. They both want the flexibility to code on their own without the other.


My students who are coding collaboratively, prefer to use a shared google document to post and access each others code.

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Thanks but you can’t see or share the DESIGN mode code underneath the hood.

@jkeays My students are asking for the same thing. I think they are so used to google-docs that they somewhat expect that for everything.

I keep stressing how the peer-programming is a best practice to encourage students to do the driving/navigator piece. Otherwise, I am having students identify other ways they can split up the work. In some ways, it is helping students think about how their program can be broken down into smaller pieces an what needs to be common between programmers (variable names or IDs) and what can later be copied and pasted.

Remember that students CAN import screens, so they can combine separate design mode elements at the end by importing the screen.

I suggested that they build all the screens in one account, then share and remix. Use a google doc to update with each person’s code. It seemed to work ok with my first semester students.


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Thanks Amy

After several teams trying variations on a few ideas, most have found your suggestion to be the best.

Thanks again


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The link above is not working. Has the documentation been removed?

The link to the AppLab docs has changed. I believe the import feature has been depreciated.
Here is the new link to AppLab docs: https://docs.code.org/applab/


We found the culprit – some overly ambitious spring cleaning on our website moved the location of some documents not picked up by our link checker.

FWIW the import feature very much exists - not deprecated.

We found the missing docs and things will be relinked. Will hopefully deploy in today’s release cycle, but might not happen until tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for the catch. Sorry for the broken links.

CSP Team

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