Feature request: Collaborate in applab

Is it possible for students to work on the same project (but separate computers) in applab? We’re doing post-exam projects and students currently have to share code via google doc, and they don’t have a great way to share design.

The “pair programming” feature doesn’t seem to apply: it’s for multiple students at the same computer, but we want multiple students at multiple computers.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks,

@alex.jacoby this is my dream too! I wish there was a “google docs for AppLab” sort of thing, but for now students need to be a bit more creative (and intentional) with how they collaborate.

For sharing design students can “import a screen” - this document explains how it works.

But as long as none of the assets/elements have the same name, it is pretty easy to combine the designs of 2 apps.

Happy Coding!

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The “import screen” feature is useful sometimes, but I as a former software developer I like use this as an opportunity to teach my students about the importance of versioning their software. Students can take turns working on the same app by using the “Remix” option to create a copy of the app, then renaming it with a new version number.

For example, student 1 creates the app (“App v1”) Student 2 remixes it and renames it v2. When student 2 is done, student 1 can “remix” v2 and rename it to v3, and so on. Seems to work pretty well for most groups and you don’t run into problems that the import screen feature with duplicate ids on some elements.