Feature request: Collaborate in applab


Is it possible for students to work on the same project (but separate computers) in applab? We’re doing post-exam projects and students currently have to share code via google doc, and they don’t have a great way to share design.

The “pair programming” feature doesn’t seem to apply: it’s for multiple students at the same computer, but we want multiple students at multiple computers.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks,


@alex.jacoby this is my dream too! I wish there was a “google docs for AppLab” sort of thing, but for now students need to be a bit more creative (and intentional) with how they collaborate.

For sharing design students can “import a screen” - this document explains how it works.

But as long as none of the assets/elements have the same name, it is pretty easy to combine the designs of 2 apps.

Happy Coding!