Project Sharing (and working) on 2 separate computers


Hello Coding Community! I am currently using with 7th graders who are building apps (using App Lab). They would like to share screens (similar to Google Apps) between two separate computers, but there is not an option for this. I see that there have been threads posted but no concrete answer, will this be a feature that will be added in the future? I think it would be favorable to most collaborative, coding communities!


Hey @roemerr you can import a classmate’s screen elements from Design Mode but it doesn’t keep your apps in sync or anything like you might expect from a Google Doc. It’s a 1-time import. Here’s where you can find that if that sounds interesting.

You can of course always use the “Share” button to share a link to your project and eventually the code.

That said, I think you (and I, and many other teachers) probably are asking for live-editing a shared project like a Google Doc. It’s a really big feature and very technologically complex to create. The short answer here is “No we don’t currently have a plan to make that” since other engineering requests are taking priority. Who knows, perhaps one day, but I wouldn’t expect it in the next year or so for example.

Hope that helps!