Sharing code for final project

Is there any way (or will there ever be a way) for students to collaborate on a project that involves them writing different sections of code, other than posting links to a shared doc?

Good question.

There is not a way right now for students to collaborate in the way to described. They can “import” screens from other projects which could allow students to create separate screens in “Design mode” and then import them into one project.

My understanding is that, at the moment, there isn’t a plan to add a collaboration feature like you described. I know it is very technically difficult to do that on the engineering side of things, but I also have heard a lot of teacher requests for this! I totally agree, I think students would LOVE it! It would certainly encourage more collaboration!

Fingers crossed it happens in the future!

Thanks, yes, this is a frequent request from students in both my CSD and CSP classes. It would be really helpful for those students that are now working on the final project that want to collaborate with someone in a different class. Hopefully there is a workaround soon.