Lesson 13 linking screens between students



We can’t seem to be able to get the links to share screens with other students. When we go to My Projects it has an untitled project with no code at all, just a blank screen. I have created a few screens in Lesson 12 step 13 and on my projects it is blank also.
Could someone please tell me what we are doing wrong?
When we get to lesson 13 part 13 there is no screens that they created in lesson 12 so we wanted to import the screen students made.


From the lesson where students create the screens, they should be able to click the “Share” button to the get URL to share with their team - there’s no need to go to My Projects. If you have a student open the URL from their share button does that also show up blank?


We are attempting to import screens as well … students share their screen url from the share button, but when they click on the import button it just sits there and doesn’t import it…


Can you share one of the URLs here so I can test it?



I’m seeing some errors when I try to import - passing along to our engineers to take a look at.


thank you…I appreciate your help!


I am also having trouble with importing screens. However, the screen does import (design elements) but with no code. It would be extremely tedious for every student to have to rewrite the code or copy and paste it between users (my temporary work around) for every screen they import, so I feel certain this is not how it is supposed to work???

When importing screens, the code SHOULD import as well as the design elements- correct??? The project/screen URL I am trying to import is https://studio.code.org/projects/applab/O_A0kKUQhXwtSZxzScXHAVdUm1re9EfY_2HQx0VW4F4


The screen import doesn’t do anything to student code, because we can’t know how two students’ programs should be combined (eg each student may have written code that conflicts with each other).