Issues with Importing Screens + Images


Just a heads-up: my classes ran into a lot of issues importing screens when students had used images they uploaded from their computers. We discovered that in the Screen Import menu, they also needed to select “Other Assets” as well. We missed that since it didn’t appear in any of the Code Studio levels in this section.

Even after we did that, we still had some sporadic issues. Does it take a while for the Other assets to show up in their import menu? Do they need to refresh their program after importing Other Assets?

Also - I think the name of this lesson in the forum doesn’t match the lesson in Code Studio anymore…


Thanks for sharing the heads up, I’ve reported the issue to our product team to see if we can find a better approach to making sure that necessary assets are imported along with the screens. As for the other assets showing up, I have seen cases where if the students are uploading larger files it can take a while for them to get copied over. With images in particular you may want to either point students towards smaller images, or encourage them to resize the image in a different tool before uploading.


Hey Josh - thanks for the response. We were able to sort out most of the image issues after regrouping and adjusting our import process. I did notice that if a student has a lot of images and a lot of screens, it’s possible for the import window to extend below the vertical resolution of the website and hide the orange “Import” button that they need to click to continue… I had to zoom out on the website and make the text smaller so I could see the orange button.

I think my lesson is: earlier on in the process, I need to really encourage students to either use icons or use the exact website URL when using images since those images didn’t have any issues.


If you are having issues with importing screens, a teacher at my school (thanks Ms. Robinson) figured out that if you have students click on the link (which launches it in the browser) and have students copy that URL, it typically works.

Hope this helps!