Unit 4 Lesson 12 Puzzle 13

Anyone having trouble with students images not showing up? We have tried jpeg and png. The image shows one day, but the next day, has the outline and image of a broken image.

Hi Patti,

Can you please post a link to the project? It makes looking at the code a lot easier.
We will take a look and see if it is a problem with the code or a bug.



Please post a link to the website for us to check - in the meantime I know my school’s filter changes by the day as students are searching and the algorithm is changing/blocking certain sites. Whenever the broken link appears, I would copy and paste the url from the <img src= into a new tab and make sure the link works independently.

Hope that helps - looking forward to figuring this out together.

Ah, that makes sense. Sorry, I was not able to access email this weekend. Below is one example. Thank you!





Thanks! When I clicked on the link it took me to a App with no code, and three broken links. I went to the Design mode and the “image” section was names of files that didn’t exist. When I clicked on “Choose…” it gave me a few uploaded images which worked when I clicked on them to load onto the page. One issue you might want to look at is organization and naming the images they are uploading - currently there was a few images labeled “download (1, 2, 3)” which can be confusing - the original image the computer was looking for was called “tasy” which didn’t exist so it’s going to be a broken link.

Hope that helps!


That’s weird. It seems to be a common problem. They save an image from the internet on the computer, then upload the image. So it could be the name of the file or filter? Just making sure
I understand because we had this issue last semester also.

She only used the url because of the issue as mentioned above.

I am going to post more links to student work.

Thank you again!