Student with trouble seeing pictures in pasted link

Student’s code page shows all pictures on each page, but when she copies the link and pastes it for peers to review, 2 of the pages are not showing pictures.

Here is her link.

any feedback is appreciated.

Can you give us some more details about what is missing? The page looks fine to me, but I don’t know what pictures are supposed to be there.


Her pictures are not showing up on 2 of her pages. Bo and Soccer - these are both linked on the 2nd page

The picture links have a hash/pound sign in the names, which is why the links won’t work. file names should really only have letters and numbers in them, except for the period before the file extension. Other symbols, such as underscore, are okay, but some symbols, such as the hash/pound sign, will mess up the link.

Okay - great! Thank you so much! I will let her know.