Unit 6 Lesson 2

I am having trouble with a student’s project. She made this project from Unit 6 Lesson 2.

It is not allowing the images to show up. She used preloaded images. Do you know why they images are not appearing on the app?

It looks like the url is linking it to “New App Lab Project” instead of the channel ID for that app. You might want to just use another image.


I made a copy of the project and then clicked on each animal and relinked the images. When I closed my project and reopened it, they showed up again… maybe try that? If it doesn’t work, reply back and we might be able to look closer.


I want my students to be able to share their apps with their families. For some reason when they share this app the images do not transfer. I have not come across this issue in other apps.

Just pick new pictures and try again.


Just trying to troubleshoot here … I remixed your project and added the images back. I just clicked share and then opened it in a completely different browser that I wasn’t signed into.

Here’s the link:

Can you see the images in that project? If not, let me know. If so, I would suggest having them try to recreate my steps.

  • Remix the project.
  • Relink the Images.
  • Share.

Maybe that would work? I’m not sure why the images are getting lost.