Question about App Lab and pictures gone missing


My student put in 24 images that hide and show depending on the users input. She just reopened the program and none of the pictures show. Does she have to upload them all again to her pictures?


@jdipietro - that sounds frustrating for that student! She sounds super detail orientated which is awesome, but I am sure this feels like a set-back.

I have seen similar detail orientated students “delete” assets from their folder in a project. They do it to clean up the space and make images easier to find, but having those assets in the folder is what makes them accessible to app lab when the app loads. Do you think she did this accidentally?

She could try version history (top right hand corner), but if she deleted the assets, I don’t think they will restore which means she will need to re-upload them… hopefully it will be a “lesson learned” moment, though.

If that didn’t happen, I would test out reloading them on a mini-scale (2 at a time), closing the program, and re-opening, just to see that indeed it is working as intended. If you still run into issues, add a link to the app here and we can look at it!

Take care!


This is the link - the pictures are still on her computer but do not show up on assets even though she uploaded 2 weeks ago.

Thank you!


Actually she just ran it and the pictures reappeared. She tried again and they are gone - all within 5 minutes… any idea?


Hi @jdipietro,

It’s possible it’s an App Lab bug. My students have experienced something like this before. I would have the student submit a bug report (click the upper-right menu => Report Bug) and try to explain as thoroughly as possible. This helps gather more data on the issue.

Yeah, I don’t see the images in assets so for the time being I would suggest re-uploading. Sorry. :o(