AppLab uploaded images disappearing


Several of my students opened their projects today and found that some of their images had disappeared from their ‘uploaded assets’ collection, and where those images were used in the project, they had been replaced by other (still uploaded) images, apparently at random. Going back in the version history shows the incorrect images in every version. Short of reuploading the images, is there anything that can be done about this?

The projects that lost images are here and here. Thank you!



We can’t see the version history because we need to remix the project to see the code. I don’t know why that might be happening - but one thing I noticed, that might or might not be causing it, is the labeling of the images. All of the images are labeled “download” with the number afterward. I think the first step in our problem solving would be to label the images with better descriptions and then seeing if it still changes the image - which would change the more descriptive file as well.

Hope that helps and let me know if it works - if not you could always put in a Bug Report from the top right hand corner of the screen,


Hi Brad, thanks for your reply. The download-1.jpg names appeared at the same time as some of the images disappeared from their uploaded assets - the files were originally uploaded with names such as Mountain.jpg, etc. (This was almost more confusing to us than uploaded assets vanishing in the first place.)

My students eventually just deleted all of their remaining uploaded images and re-uploaded everything, and haven’t had any further issues, but I will definitely be filing a bug report.