App Lab Images disappearing

A couple of my students have reported that some images that they uploaded and included into theirs apps have disappeared. These images show up in their apps as broken links. When we go to the screen where the assets for the app are displayed, they appear in the list but also indicate an icon with a broken link. Is this a known issue and is there a way to prevent it from happening?


I am sorry your students are running into some issues. I can report this issue to the team. A more direct way to share potential bugs is to use the ‘report bug’ feature in AppLab on the menu in the upper right corner. It is also helpful to include a share link for the code so someone can see the problem in action. Hopefully, there is a quick resolution to this issue.

Happy computing,

I also have this problem.

I am sorry you are having this problem. Please “Report Bug” at the level where you are having this issue.