Projects in AP CSP

I have a student who has lost his code for his project in AP CSP. I can see in the teacher dashboard that he did work on certain days, but nothing is there. He is not submitting for the AP test, but I did require that he do the tasks and turn them in for his grade. He copied the code to his notes on his computer, but it doesn’t appear there either. He isn’t the type of kid to claim something that isn’t true, so I do believe him. Has anyone had this issue, and is there a way to recover earlier work in app lab?

@lokamoto I’m sorry you are experiencing this difficulty. Unfortunately things break sometimes. Please submit a ticket to

@lokamoto sorry for this trouble. This shouldn’t happen. In some instances we can recover work. To speed things up, when you email include as much detail as you are able to about the unit, lesson, and “bubble” numbers you think are affected as well as the student’s username. Hope you’re able to recover the student’s work.



Thank you for your quick reply. I spoke to the student this morning and their was a miscommunication via our email communication. He did not have the code in app lab, he completed it somewhere else and copied and pasted it to a word document. It had nothing to do with code studio.