Will the Unit 4 apps be functional?

When students make their apps in Unit 4, is the expectation that they are making like mock-ups? Or will they be able to link to external pages, create databases, and stuff like that?

Can they access the actual HTML to make these adjustments to their code?

I appreciate your help!


In Unit 4 it is going to be a mock-up, but in Unit 5 students will be exposed to data structures and organization (with some examples on App Lab) and Unit 6 is Physical Computing using the Circuit Playground BUT it is much more focused on App Lab functionality.

Students can always explore with App Lab by going to the code.org dashboard and scrolling down to the “Projects” area and clicking on App Lab which has access to ALL blocks. Students can do this to, and then share the App’s with you.

Hope that helps!

I also had my students use the Hour of Code activity, Intro to App Lab, to help them get started on it. Many students now go into App Lab just to create their own ideas for fun.