Free Play Assignments for Unit 3?


Does anyone have assignments for the Free Play at the end of Unit 3? I am looking to challenge my students more. With all of the videos on Youtube, I am not sure that they really understand or just following the videos.

P.S. Can we have the videos taken down? Especially the ones that go over the assessment? It’s really frustrating that the assessment is on the videos as well.


Have you had them do the unit project (Project - Design a Game) where they design a game?

I think that is the ultimate “Free Play” assignment. I mentioned this in a different thread, but I find that on these kinds of projects, the youTube videos can’t really help them cheat. If they do copy someone else’s project, they usually can’t explain their work to me and they almost always admit they didn’t do it on their own.

I tell them they’ll get a better grade by pushing themselves to create something they didn’t know how to do at first, even if it isn’t a masterpiece.

It’s usually pretty obvious when they aren’t doing their own work.

That being said, I have seen other teachers post ideas for extension projects. Some have challenged their students to create their own sprites, their own animated sprites and other projects parallel to the ones they are asked to make by the instructions.

One quick example I use. In the first part of unit 3, when the students are learning about the correct order of the blocks, there is a flower that is supposed to have a purple center. I challenge them to figure out how to add a rectangular stem or how to add a sun in the corner. I offer them a few extra points and I get all kinds of creative submissions.

Anyone else have any good ideas?



Yup, the design a game project keeps most of them very challenged!