My Resources for CSD Unit 3 Interactive Animations and Games ('22-'23)

Hey All,
Hope this posts right. Here is my Google Classroom code for my resources for Unit 3. Feel free to join the class as a student and view how I broke the unit down into a 35sh day class that I call Video Game Design. The class code is uwqzac4 - If you alter or copy any resource please upload or private comment.
This has turned into my favorite course/unit in the CSD course.

I look forward to checking this out! I tried unit 3 the past two years and found it challenging for many 8th graders. Switched to unit 2 this year. (Can only fit in one unit and some other things in our 10-week quarters.)

Can you attach the link??

join link

Try to join with my school email account and get:
Wrong account
Your account can’t access this class.
Switch to the correct account for Classroom, or contact your teacher.

Probably only open to email accounts in your school’s domain??

I created this classroom with my personal account, since my school account will not allow others outside of the organization to join.
Unfortunately, that also means you can only join with YOUR personal Gmail account. Frustrating I know.

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