'Code Journal'/Cheat Sheets for CSD Unit 3



For Unit 2, I put together a ‘Code Journal’ with different codes for each chapter. This worked really well for my struggling coders that often make little errors in their notes. I would like to make something similar for them for Unit 3. Does anyone have something similar or ideas about what would be helpful? I have 140 students starting Unit 3 within the next week. I need to put as many supports in place as possible. Thank you in advance!


Could you share your code journal for CSD Unit 3? kressr@brownlocalschools.com
Thank you!


Could you share CSD Unit 3 code journal with me too? costleye@npschools.us



Please share to mbarker@easternlocal.net.
thanks in advance


I sent. Let me know if you don’t receive. Will try to throw together a PDF which includes the notes we took. This is up through lesson 14.


This is my first year teaching code and it has been a long time since I have done anything with programming. @jillbrandeberry will you please share your code journal with me?


Shoot me an email and I will.


If you would, please, share your code journal with me.


Got it! Thank you so much!


Would you please share your code journal with me? Thanks so much! schlichting.cindy@columbia4.org