'Code Journal'/Cheat Sheets for CSD Unit 3

I woulld love a copy of what you came up with for Unit 3, please! tiptonm@blsk12.org

Please share the code journal for Unit if you don;t mind. Thanks so much!


Can you also share to petersoj@esschools.k12.wi.us?

I’d love a copy of the code journal for units 2 and 3?

I would like a copy as well. I am just starting unit 3 as well. Loughranc@sfusd.edu
thanks, Chris

My students and I would really appreciate your Code journal for Units 2 and 3. Please could you send the links? admin@heolgerrig.merthyr.sch.uk

Graham- I hope this is helpful to you! One is a word doc, and the other is a PDF of what our journals look like with notes. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them as I starting the class over this week!

I don’t have Unit 2 quite ready to share. It has been on my back burner.

Jill Brandeberry

Madison Schools

Adrian, Michigan

Code Journal- Unit 3 JavaScript final.docx (704 KB)

U3L22 - Rubric - Game Design Project.docx (18.6 KB)

Code Journal Unit 3 with notes.pdf (2.79 MB)


if you would also be willing to share with me at sjohnso3@tacoma.k12.wa.us, i would really appreciate it! -Shannon

Thank you so much for sharing. I love the way you organized the code journal. Have a nice day! Elaine

Please share it with me, as well?

Code Journal- Unit 3 JavaScript final.docx (709.3 KB)

Code Journal with notes.pdf (2.8 MB)
Hope these help!

Hello, can you please share with me too fieldla@rck12.org I will be transitioning from math to computer science next school year.

I would love a copy of your journal as well. =)

Please share the code journal with me - Thank you

Please share the Code Journals for the chapters that you created! This will be the first year I implement this curriculum and welcome your resources! Thank you! endlichm@kentplace.org

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Can you please send me a copy of this? akirk@mail.kana.k12.wv.us

Can you please send me your code journals? Thanks.


What an awesome tool!!! Could you email ?
Thank You!!!

Can you please send me a copy?

Code Journal- Unit 3 JavaScript final.docx (1.1 MB)
Becky- You should see two documents. One is a Word Document that you can edit. The other is a pdf of the same document with the notes we will take together in class. I hope this is helpful to you!
Jill Brandeberry