CSD Unit 3 Chapter 1 Code Journal

A while back, someone posted on the forum a code journal for Unit 3. I was hoping to print a copy for students but notices it was not a current version. I have updated the resource for the updated 2022 version. I made it so you can print it double-sided.

Code Journal Cover:

Code Journal B/W Printable Version:

Code Journal Color Printable Version:

Code Journal Electronic Version:

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Here are the PDF files.

Unit 3 Code Journal Cover.pdf (80.1 KB)

B/W Printed Version:
Copy of Unit 3_ B_W Code Journal - Printable Version.pdf (428.2 KB)

Color Printed Version:
Unit 3_ Color Code Journal - Printable Version.pdf (446.9 KB)

Electronic Version:
Unit 3_ Code Journal - Electronic Version .pdf (428.0 KB)

Wow. Thank you for sharing!!