CSD Unit 2 Chapter 1 Resources

I’ve been working on a codebook for my students to help with Unit 2: Web Development, Chapter 1 as well as a code review reference for the final project in Chapter 1. Students said it helped them out so I thought I would pass it on to others. The documentation and helps and tips tend to be overwhelming for my students so I wanted to put a printable and electronic version they could readily use. I’ve included them below. Let me know if you end up using it or if you have questions. It is for the latest version '22-'23.

  1. Printable PDF version
    CSD Codebook Unit 2 PDF Printable Version.pdf (385.2 KB)
  2. Electronic Version - Google Doc
    PDF Format:
    CSD Codebook Electronic Version.pdf (388.2 KB)
  3. Printable/Electronic Final Project
    CSD Web Development Web Development Review - Student Copy.pdf (6.6 MB)

Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

I should mention the printable version is designed to be double-sided.