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Hey all,

I’m planning on getting to this lesson later this week and, in looking through the resources, I saw that the Code Studio stage has a Web Development Practices guide for students to view in the 1st stage of this lesson (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bFhWctVaSVdGyJScUoUxlACdztqJ-vdhpvgWws0-itA/). This is listed as a resource on Code Studio, but not on the Teacher Lesson Plan in the right-column where I can usually see resources for a lesson (https://curriculum.code.org/csd/unit2/8/). This resource also references previous lessons and has some really good notetakers and organizers for several of the lessons throughout the unit, but this is the first time I’ve seen it. I went back through earlier lessons to see if I missed something, but I think this is the first time this resource is referenced in the curriculum.

I guess I’m wondering: why is this resource so well hidden and why does it show up so late in the curriculum, even though it references earlier lessons? It would’ve been great for me to know about this in previous lessons and I could have used it for students to record their thoughts throughout the unit so far. I’m also wondering why it’s not listed in the Teacher Resources section - I just happened to find it by clicking on the “Student View” of the 1st stage of the Code Studio lesson.

Thanks for any insights - Dan Schneider

Hi Dan,

This is a robust document and one that was prominently used in an early version of this unit. Through piloting the course, I found, as did others, that it was difficult to maintain this document. While it has a great inention, the flow of programming in class and just using pages in student journals seemed much easier to maintain (and locate). I think that it is now meant to be an additional resource that is optional for teachers to use.

As to why you found it where you did, I’m guessing that there was some work to adjust the curriculum but that not all references have been fully located and cleaned up. I would say that if you think it will work great with your kids in the future, keep it near by.

Hope this helps,

@dschneider Hi Dan,

We’ve taken the resource off that page. Chad gave a good rundown of the back story. We’ll post the link to the resource in the forum so that others can also access it. There were teachers who appreciated it as a resource, and you can use it instead of (or in addition to) a poster or journal page, as you see fit in your classroom.

Link to forum post about this resource


Oooo - gotcha. That makes a lot of sense. It was weird to find that document in that location because I thought I had missed something in earlier lessons - glad to know I didn’t miss anything and it was just some reshuffling from teacher feedback.

Dan Schneider