Code Journal/Cheat Sheet ideas for Unit 3



For Unit 2, I put together a ‘Code Journal’ with different codes for each chapter. This worked really well for my struggling coders that often make little errors in their notes. I would like to make something similar for them for Unit 3. Does anyone have something similar or ideas about what would be helpful? I have 140 students starting Unit 3 within the next week. I need to put as many supports in place as possible. Thank you in advance!


I want to do the same for my students. Did you create something I could borrow?


larnold2- I am creating a Code Journal as I go this trimester. Kids are adding information as I create them. I would be happy to email you photos of the pages we have done so far. The files are to big to upload here. Just send me your email at


Leslie- Attached are pictures of our Code Journal so you can see our notes. I will try to upload a copy without notes.
Code Journal pictures Unit 3.pdf (1.9 MB)