Unit 3 Study Guide


I’m new to the forum and I wanted to give my kids a test on unit 3 in a couple of weeks. They just finished designing a digital scene. Does anyone know where I can find a study guide with answers for the online unit 3 test?


Welcome @leroyweatherly3 !

Can you clarify what you are looking for? If you are just looking for the answers to the online unit 3 test, you should be able to see them when you are looking at studio.code.org as a teacher. When you click on those bubbles you can see the answers there.

If you are looking for a separate study guide that is supposed to prepare students for the unit 3 test in studio.code.org specifically, that I don’t have but, maybe someone else here has created one! Code.org doesn’t specifically have study guides created for teachers but a lot of teachers individually will post them as they create them here which is fantastic!

Does that help?


I realize this is from a while ago, but if anyone is looking for a review document, here is mine.

Same caveats as before, there may be incorrect info, it may be too in-depth or miss important facets–but I hope that it can help!