Unit 1 Reflection

As I wrap up Unit 1 and think back over the material, it has been a blast! The students have learned a lot, the teacher has learned a lot and the code.org resources have been excellent. We have learned by doing and being active with the material, which has been great. I really believe my students have a very solid and intuitive understanding of the Unit 1 material.

One resource I have put together for my students is a Lesson Recap. I have created a Google Classroom Slide presentation and posted to my Google Classroom for each Lesson. I found there was a lot of really excellent material in the teacher notes that I was afraid the students didn’t really pick up on as we discussed and participated in the lesson for the day. I am hoping the recaps will allow the students to fill in some gaps in understanding that I found following the 1st Assessment in this Unit. I look forward to the results of the 2nd assessment and if they are better the I will attribute part of that improvement to these recaps. I have attached one of my Unit recaps.

U1L10Routers and Redundancy.pdf (263.0 KB)


This is great! Thanks for sharing. Please share if you have recaps from other lessons too.

This is great! If you are willing, I’d love access to other recaps. Anything to keep from reinventing the wheel. :slight_smile:

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Me too! The recaps are a great idea.