Lesson RECAP slides



I have created recap slides for the code.org lessons. I found that my students needed something “tangible” to study. The majority of the material in these slides comes from the Teacher Lesson Plans.

Hope this helps your students!

Link to my slides: (https://goo.gl/M2X3eA)


Thanks for sharing these @carole_black. They will be a great resource for lots of teachers and students this year.

Curriculum Notes

Great resource! Thank you for sharing it.


Fantastic, thanks for sharing! Here is your folder as a link, if it helps any one.


This is wonderful!! Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for sharing @carole_black!! These are great!


Carole, thanks for sharing. As a new teacher, both for APCSP and teaching, these are a great resource to leverage with instruction I am creating.


Thank you so much for sharing. It’s my first year teaching this class so this will really help.