Additional Practice with Variables



I am trying to refine my philosophy around when/how to use pair programming. I am having students do daily reflections when we do pair programming and I select sections of the course that introduce new topics. Since this introduces variables, I wanted students to work together in pair programming with this section. HOWEVER, at the end of the hour I had some groups that were done with 10 minutes to spare and other groups that were still only half done.

I am going to give students one more hour to do this in pairs in class, but I needed something extra for my students who finished the section. I created these three tasks for students. Inspired by @dschneider , the first one has students re-mix an app to learn how the “prompt” command works and then add to it. The next two are more open ended.

How are other people addressing different speeds of students?


Thanks for sharing the extra tasks! I am definitely going to use these in my class!