3.8 Activity Guide Answer Key

Just verifying that Program 2 Ending State is 65 because “var size = 30” is extra information that does not affect the output.

Also, the answer key file does not show graphics for Program 3 and 4.

Please advise.

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It is not exactly extra information but the value stored in the variable does change.
The left and right hand side of the equals sign does different things here.

var size

When you use the var keyword, it creates the size variable. Without this you cannot use the size variable. So it is needed.

= 30

Remember that the equals sign in programming is not like equals in math, it should be read, “gets the value”

So, the line of code in total does two things:
We create the variable size and it gets the value 30.

You are correct that the original value 30 get overwritten on the next line of code so it ends up not mattering what that value is at the beginning to determine what the value is at the end.

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Where is the answer key?


The answer key is in a link in the links section of the lesson plan here

If you follow this link you will see a for teachers only box(if you are logged in as a teacher) and that has the answer key.

Let us know if you still need help.

Hello. I think I am signed in as a teacher, but still cannot access an answer key. When I click on the links you provided, it just takes me to the Level Overview page and I only see links for the resources. Is there another way to access answer keys? Thanks!


Is is possible that you are not a “Verified” teacher? Because anyone can sign up for a teacher account, we restrict access to answer keys to teachers whom we have verified. Otherwise, students could potentially make fake accounts to see all the answers.

You can read about getting a verified account here: Becoming a Verified Teacher

The process might take a couple days, but I can send you the answer keys over this system in private message if you tell me which ones you are looking for.


Hello Elizabeth.
Thank you! I will work on getting a verified account. In the meantime, I am looking for the “answers” for Lesson 8 – Counter Pattern Unplugged so that I know I’m teaching the lesson correctly.


Thanks, I’ve shared the link over private message.

Thank you. I was so confused, but your explanation helped me!

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I am a verified teacher and had the answer key yesterday, today no luck. What do you suggest.


If you had it yesterday, but not today, that’s a bit strange. Make sure you are signed into your account. I’ve at times been helping a student and showing them how to sign in and accidentally ended up in the student account, but if you still can’t see it and you are in your own account, you may want to contact support@code.org to see if they can look at your account and see what’s going on.


Thank you for your help.
I will check it out today.