Answer Key Issues


The U2L05 worksheet does not match the answer key. It looks like the activity guide/worksheet must have been updated, but the answer document has not been updated.


@jjoseph Thanks for reporting the bug. I will pass this along to the team.

~ Hannah


Is there an answer key posted on for Lesson 2.5??? I am not seeing one.


@dashplaid There is an answer key for the lesson. It’s located at the bottom of the bubble on page. If you are not seeing it there in a blue box, please contact code at and report a bug.


There’s an answer key but it doesn’t match the Activity Guide. This title on the Activity is File Formats and Compression. Is there a key for this? Thank you


Hi @lbarish,

There is an answer key if you have a teacher verified account. If you go to, and then go to the first bubble in the lesson (on the information page), you should see a box that looks like this:

That link takes you to the key.


Thank you - found it.