Can't find teacher key


Several lessons state that there is a key to the activity guide. When I click on the links it takes me to a blank copy of the guide. Please advise!


At least for this lesson plan there is a link that looks like this.

This takes you to this page.

If you are logged in as a teacher, you should see

This is where the example lives.
Let me know if you need help with any of the other lessons.


@kherring - If you don’t see the blue box @jold showed in his post then you probably need to become a verified teacher (which is a little more than just being a teacher since anyone can create a teacher account and we don’t want just anyone to get answer keys). To become a verified teacher you will just need to fill out this form:




I filled out the verified teacher form yesterday and don’t know if I’ve been “approved” or not. When I click the link for the key it takes me to the unanswered resource document. The “key” button is grayed out as well. I am using the semester long CS Discoveries course for my 7th graders. I am currently on Unit 1 - Lesson 3 Exploring Problem Solving. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Hey @rschneider6041 it does take a couple days usually to get your account verified, at which point you should get an email. You should click on the “Solving Problems” text in the lesson plan which will take you to that lesson on Once your account is verified you’ll be able to see the Key there in a blue box on the bottom of the screen. The gray “Key” text will always be gray, though I can see how that may have been a source of confusion.

Hope that helps!


I’m have been verified last year and I don’t see the key for this assignment either, but I see it for others.


That should say “I” have been verified.



Can you confirm that when you go to this page ( you don’t see a blue box that looks like this: