Access to Exemplar


I needed to request access to the Exemplar file. Please advise.

Thank you,


If you are a teacher, you can request a teacher verified account. See this thread for more information:


I am a verified teacher and I have had previous access. It is only the last few lessons that I have had to “request access”. Seems to be working now.



Hi Beth,

We were having some problems with our answer keys getting posted online, so we briefly changed the access policy to disallow copying the document. In doing so, it broke the links for PDF and Docx files. (The Google Doc files still worked, but many people were not used to clicking on them.)

Because this was causing problems for teachers who needed to access the files, we’ve restored access to copying, printing, and viewing the answer keys as PDF and Docx files. Sorry that it made things worse for you, but you should be able to access everything now. We’re going to look for other ways to keep people from posting the answers.



Thank you so much for all your hard work keeping the materials updated and secure and as always your quick responses.



Is there an exemplar for Unit 3, Lesson 16, Puzzle 10?


I don’t think that there is. What do you need help with?


Just wanting to see how to change the sprite when touching besides adding to score. I made something, but wanted to see if there was something better than mine.