Are ther answer keys to the activity guides?

I can figure out the answers on my own, but, it sure would be nice to have a key. Also, some of the questions are a little vague. An answer key would help understand what the author of the question is looking for.

Which lessons are you referring to? I am finding answer keys to many of the activity guides that have a definitive answer. Some of the activity guides are asking more reflective questions.

Are you a verified teacher for the curriculum?

In A Little Bit About Pixels Activity Guide, the link in the lesson plan takes me to code studio.

Hi @brewerke I agree. I am currently working on a study guide for all the units in which got me to wondering about the answers to the activity guides. If the worksheets are part of the lesson, then the teacher should have some sort of answer key to make sure that the students are learning and picking up the key concepts.

Every activity guide SHOULD have some sort of key. Especially for those of us who are new to computer science.


@batavia_yost Most activity guides do have keys. But the keys are visible only to verified teachers.

The keys are in Code Studio on the first page of the lesson (see picture). They are usually placed inside a blue teacher-only box as shown in this snap shot.

I don’t see that when I log in. And my account is designated as a “teacher” account.

Here is a link to become a verified teacher:
Maybe go here and try this to make sure you are verified.
If this doesn’t work, please post a picture of what the page looks like for Unit 1 Lesson 5.

I am a verified teacher and I still don’t have the answer key at the bottom of those pages.

hi, @paige.parker! i just checked your account and you should have access on the account associated with your email address. can you start by check to make sure that’s the account you’re logged in with?

then, head here:, which should show an answer key at the bottom (check out sangeeta’s screen shots above for an example of how it should look.

if that still isn’t working please let me know!

Hi Brook and thanks for responding so quickly! I can see the answer key for lesson 5, but I don’t see any on the other lessons. Specifically I was looking for answers to the questions in lesson 7, because my students have conflicting arguments and I don’t know who is right.

If you are still not seeing the answer keys to lesson 7 please contact

actually-- sorry for the misunderstanding here, @paige.parker and @terence.stone25. there aren’t any worksheet answer keys for lesson 7, so there’s nothing listed on level 1.

paige-- if you’re looking for answers to the check for understanding questions that come at the end of the lesson, those are shown directly in the level where the question is shown on code studio. for example, this is the first question in the ‘check your understanding’ section for lesson 7:

note that the answer to the question is shown in the blue box at the bottom of the page. these wrap up assessment questions either have direct answers (as is the case here) or some commentary for the teacher of what to look for in the response.

hope this helps!


I need an answer key for Unit 5 Lesson 8 Activity Guide - Flowcharts. I can’t find it anywhere. I am a verified teacher.

I will pm you a key.

Hi, @brook can you tell me if my account has been verified. Trying to get some answer keys for some lessons. Thanks

Hi @russell.brown, please contact and we’ll be able to determine if you’re verified or not (and verify your account if it isn’t yet)!