Answer Key Research Yourself



When I used the link it opened the Digital Divide Answer Key from lesson 4.3. Is anyone else having this issue and is there an updated link to the Research Yourself answer key?


Hi @jreilly2016, can you check again or share a screenshot of what you are clicking/seeing? I accessed the key through on the first bubble (in the teacher only section) and also through the lesson plan at and was able to get to ti.

Let us know if it is broken somewhere!


I think I found the problem. If I have a window open to the Teacher page with links to answer keys and later move on through the lesson plans in a different window to open the answer keys, it appears to somehow get confused on go to the document from the open code studio page as opposed to link in the lesson plan. I have tested and seen that a couple times yesterday and today.

Odd behavior but I will add that to user error…