CSD Unit 6 Answer Key

I’m a verified teacher, and I’m about to start Unit 6 for the first time. I know that I should have access to the answer key for the lessons in Unit 6, but I cannot find where. Can anyone direct me? I appreacite your help!

I asked the same question. Unfortunately, what I was told was that they do not have them as they are working on them. If levels are confusing to let them know.

I am having trouble with many levels myself. I am spending upwards of an hour on each puzzle in some cases and I am becoming very frustrated. If I had the answer key, I was able to see it and then understand it. Currently, I am doing trial and error and it is not working well on the levels that are hard. I don’t feel like I should be posting something daily in the forum to gain help, but I am almost there. Some of levels are very hard as I have no electronics background and this is the first experience with computer science for me in about 10 years!

Please feel free to post questions about the lessons/levels that are frustrating to gain help until the answer keys are available. There are several people available to help.

Here is my code for unit 6, lesson 6. I cannot get the slider to work with the motorcycle. Can anyone help?

It looks you you are getting the value from the slider at the beginning of the program, then storing it into the speed variable. Then, you are the speed variable from then on to decide how fast the motorcycle moves. The problem with that is that it will continue to use the same value that was stored into the speed when the program was first started, rather than getting a new value from the slider every time you use speed.

There are two ways that you can fix this, but both rely on events. One thing you could do is get the value of the slider and store it into speed every time you press the button. That way it will check the slider and use the current value right before it moves the motorcycle. Another solution would be to use your “onChange” event to store the new value of the slider into your speed variable every time the slider is changed. That way the speed variable will always have the most recent value stored inside of it.



I am having so much trouble with this. I don’t know if I have worked on it so long I am confused or if I simply do not understand. Is there a way you can send me a picture of what to do in a PM? I keep thinking I have it and then either the slider doesn’t work or the slider, when moved, goes all the way to the left and cannot be moved.


I’m replying to you in direct message so that we can talk more explicitly about solutions.


I am trying U6 L6 Activity (I can’t call them bubbles) 8, I am having trouble with the code as well. I would love to have an answer key as well- why wouldn’t you want the teachers to have it? Here is what I tried so far-

onBoardEvent(buttonL, “press”, function() {
var bzzer_duration = getProperty(“duration”, “value”);
buzzer.frequency(500, buzzer_duration);
onBoardEvent(buttonR, “press”, function() {

please advise.

I found the error buzzer was spelled wrong. Could I/ the Code.org community please have the answer key to save time and frustration?

Thank you,

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Hi Tac,

There is an example solution on the teacher panel for bubble 8. You can find the Teacher panel on the right side of the screen. Please let me know if the Teacher panel is not showing up for you.


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Karenma- thank you for your advice , I now know how to access the teacher panel for assistance. Thank you!,