Unit 6 Lesson 6 Getting Properties Bauble 14 LED and Buzzer Controller


We are having trouble getting this one to work properly. Is there an answer key for this puzzle?


I don’t believe there are answer keys.

Without having the code to look at here is what I would do.

  1. Is there an error message when you play it? Start to read those, note what it says, and you will get better at knowing what they mean.
  2. What did you just change?
  3. Is everything spelled right?
  4. Is it in the right place? Is the syntax correct. I would hover over the toolbox and then click examples to look at the examples.
  5. Look somewhere different.

This is the fun/frustrating part of CS that everyone experiences.


Although the code seems to function and trigger at the correct times, the values don’t always seems correct. With 2 classes (almost 60 students) who spent about 20 minutes on it each, and myself spending nearly an hour no one was able to get it to function perfectly even when there were no error messages.


When values don’t seem correct, I like to print them to the console so I can see what they actually are.

you can use the console.log(variableName ) to print a value that is stored out to the console.


I was just trying this puzzle. One thing that screwed me up was the minimum and maximum values that the slider “frequency” was given. Did you try and change these in the design window?