Unit 6, Lesson 6, Level 14


This exercise asks students to troubleshoot a program to get LED controls and buzzer controls working. I feel like it is either really challenging or so simple I’m overthinking it. Any help or suggestions on how to help students (and me) get through this one?


hi @klett!

I think you might be over thinking it, lol.
Are you able to view the exemplar in the teacher panel?



Thanks. I kind of thought that. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot comparing the blocky code, but I think I need to switch over the text and go through it again. I’m assuming it’s just a few little things that I am missing.



If you’ve been changing the code, it’s possible that you’ve accidentally introduced new, more difficult bugs. You might try clearing your version history to start from the beginning again.



I’ll try that. Thank you for the suggestion.

This is my first year through the curriculum, so it’s been a learning experience for me as much as for the students.